Shipping Policies:
  1. Customers are responsible for all shipping and handling charges on returned merchandise, unless the item was returned because of a Roiles Gears Ltd. error
  2. By ordering, customers take full legal responsibility for all items ordered. This includes, age, shipping and possession. All customers must verify under the penalty of perjury that they are over the age of 18 for items shipped. In certain areas, it may not be legal for certain items to be shipped. Will cooperate with the legal authorities in your area. Customers are responsible to comply with their local authorities.
  3. Roiles Gears Ltd. will randomly contact national, state and local authorities to ensure we are not violating any laws in your area. If we determine there is problem shipping to the address that you provide, we will contact you to make necessary arrangements.
  4. General shipping charges are configured around the item (s) ordered and the location of the shipping address.
  5. All orders are processed in 24 to 72 hours and shipped via US Post Office Mail or by FedEx Ground (International orders sent U.S Priority Mail unless requested otherwise. Excluding Weekends and Holidays). However, we are required to ask that you wait 7- 10 business days for delivery or pending on your area if shipping internationally.
Shipping Outside the Continental U.S
  • Because of so many fraudulent orders from overseas, we are forced to include the following process: 1) All orders outside of the U.S will be verified with the appropriate credit card company, 2) The card will be charged with Address Verification and CV code verification, 3) We will attempt to contact the issuing bank to verify authenticity, 4) If we deem it necessary, the order will be held until we have proper issuing bank verification of sufficient time has gone by for a legitimate owner of the card to complain ( could 30 to 90 days ).
  • If you do not agree with any of the above, then you may pay by PayPal ( you can use your credit card with PayPal and the service is free to you- we absorb the fee for you). Place your order as normal, then contact us for the Total amount to pay by PayPal. Once the funds have been received and transferred to our bank account, we will gladly ship your products.
  • International orders will be charged actual shipping costs plus $2.00 or $3.00 for packaging materials ( usually US Post Office Priority Mail) unless otherwise specified, after submission of your order.